Photo 9 - Recessed Wall Nicho

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Our Newest Offering ~ Recessed Wall Nicho's

The latest offering from Greenwood Home Services is an original design, heirloom quality, solid American Black Walnut recessed wall niche'. We refer to our niche' as a 'Nicho' in deference to the typical arch-top design niche' that are found predominently in Spanish-Mediteranean style homes. Our Nicho's are designed to fit in between conventionally spaced wall studs and thus after installation the casing is flush with the wall surface. The interior dimension of the Nicho pictured is 13" wide by 30" tall. We also offer a solid wood mounting kit that allows the Nicho to be surface mounted to a wall in cases where the recessed installation is not desired or practical. We will be offering many variations and upgrades to our Nicho's, including carved accent elements, interior lighting, glass shelving and virtually any other feature desired by the customer. We consider our Nicho's primary use a as place in which to display items or artifacts that are special in nature, sacred, or near and dear to the heart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

A Nicho should be considered a space to enshrine something that is near and dear to the heart, a place for items of sacred or spiritual signifigance, or for the display of fine art. In the photo above, the nicho is used as a shrine to a beloved pet with the ashes stored in an attractive pet urn. The embellishment and style of these nicho's and urns is virtually unlimited and is left only to ones imagination and personal tastes. Please contact us to discuss a personal design for you.

The nicho pictured has an interior dimension of 13" wide x 30" tall. The sill depth is 6". The overall height from the top of the upper finial to the bottom of the lower finial is 41". The width measured at the outside of the casing is 21". The widest section is at the sill, where the side to side measurement is 23". The depth of the nicho is 4" from the face to the back.Please call Greenwood Home Services for any questions that you may have, or to order your very own unique nicho! .Our phone # is: 941-321-4356 or you can email us @ -

The above nicho is designed to enshrine a vintage Les Paul guitar. The guitar appears to be floating in space as our exclusive discrete holding device goes virtually unnoticed. This also relieves any stress upon the neck, headstock and neck to body joint. These guitar nicho's are designed to fit between walls studs, and thus flush with the wall, with a standard spacing of 16" on center. This photo shows the nicho mounted using the optional surface mounting kit which enables the nicho to be displayed virtually anywhere, including block walls where it would otherwise be difficult to recess mount the niche. The nicho surface mount box can be covered in any material or finish to the customers desires. We used vintage tolex vinyl tweed, as used on most vintage guitar amplifiers and vintage guitar cases, to cover this box. There are many different amplifier coverings that could be used instead to match your favorite amp. The surface mount box comes with a very simple to install four-sided cleat that can be located anywhere on the wall desired. Only two screws are needed in a vertical plane on one stud only, and anywhere along the horizontal plane of the cleat enabling the nicho to be centered exactly on the wall at the desired location. We have mounted a dime sized LED light at the top of the nicho which illuminates the headstock and casts some additional light onto the guitar body. Additional lighting may be desired above the nicho, in the form of small spot lights, to highlight the guitar. Please contact us for more details: 941-321-4356