Photo 8 - Re-siding old Sarasota Bungalow

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Novelty Re-siding on small Cottage.

This re-siding job was finished in May of 2010. The old classic drop cove siding on this small downtown Sarasota bungalow was in need of replacing. While re-siding the cottage we replaced and improved all structural members and added insulation and vapor barrier prior to attaching the new siding. The photo below shows how the home looked prior to re-siding. There was a mix of original drop cove siding and T-111 plywood. After removing all of the siding, there was a fair amount of work in getting the walls straight again after years of cobbled together construction technique.

Sample Photo 1

The above photo shows the completed job with a fresh coat of pastel yellow paint. Lots of detail work, that is not evident in this photo, contributed to an overall look of a quality rehabilitation of the walls of this charming bungalow.

Sample Photo 2

Another view of the finished job.

Sample Photo 3

Sample Photo 4

Photo above showing another view of the front of the home prior to striping off of the old siding. Note the two front facing windows and the one to the left being almost at the corner. We moved this window inward to match the reveal of the right side window. This move also came into play when we trimmed the windows out. If we had not moved the window, the window casing and the corner wrap would have run right into each other, creating a less than desirable effect.

Sample Photo 5

The photo above showing the re-siding job almost complete, and before painting. All new insulation is installed where there was none before for a much more energy efficient and comfortable home. We also moved one of the windows on the front room of the home inward to match the other window's placement and to create symmetry.

Sample Photo 6

The above photo depicting some of the sub-standard work that had been done on this home over the years. The walls were completely uneven as a result of poor prior renovations. The T-111 siding was actually stacked on top of itself forming three different planes along the wall. All of this was straightened out before applying the new novelty siding. We also removed this window and set it in the wall plumb and square and properly attached.

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