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Wormy Chestnut Doors & Trim Components for a Circa 1820's Log Cabin

The photos below are of a gorgeous closet surround & raised panel  doors all constructed using rare and beautiful wormy chestnut lumber. Greenwood Home Services used the tried & true mortoise & tenon technique to put these doors together. Also, seen to the right of the closet is a dresser drawer vanity with arch top wormy chestnut drawer faces. In these photos the wrought iron door and drawer hardware have yet to be installed. Let GHS build something attractive and unique for you!

A closer look at the design details

We thought that the contrast of the informal and funky look of the wormy chestnut wood with more traditional and formal design points would be interesting. The raised panel doors employ eyebrow arched top panels and a multi-component mantle add to this contrast. If you want something built in wormy chestnut, let us know. Wormy Chestnut is expensive and hard to find but it can be had. Check back for other wormy chestnut components coming along in the near future. This job was finished in June 2009.


It may be difficult to see in the photos that the stile & rail components on the columns are book matched wormy chestnut. It always is about the details. The wormy chestnut lumber used to build these doors and trim elements was all milled from wood that GHS personally salvaged from an old abandoned cabin in the hills of Tennessee. Most of the wood was originally 2x4 wall studs and other structural components. The 2x4's were then milled and glued up to create the different size components needed for this project.

Another wormy chestnut door for the same cabin:

This is a wormy chestnut door leading into the circa 1820's Log Cabin bathroom. This is what we refer to as a hybrid log cabin in that the main structure is the original 200 year old cabin, but with more contemporary and traditional bathroom and kitchen areas added.

Kitchen Cabinet using wormy chestnut & pierced tin panels:

This is one of the three sets of upper cabinets in the log cabin's kitchen. These cabinets were face-framed in wormy chestnut as well as the doors and panels. We thought that a little contrast would be nice and hence the use of pierced tin for two of the doors. It was also thought that the pierced tin would add to the old timey farm house feel of the kitchen. We found a great pierced tin company in Pennsylvania who offer many great styles and patterns.

Beginning stages of wormy chestnut door construction:

The above photo showing components of the wormy chestnut doors after the mortoise & tenons have been cut and awaiting gluing & clamping up.

The early stages

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