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Custom, made to order window wraps - a GHS exclusive!

 The window wraps shown on this page are a Greenwood Home Services exclusive. There are several basic styles to choose from and an almost unlimited selection of finishes. The window wraps are completely fabricated from wood. The wood species used would depend upon whether the window wrap was to be paint grade or stain grade. The window units are jig built to assure perfect symetry and all joints are glued, bisquited and mechanically fastened for strength. When the wraps are finished being constructed, they are carefully and thoroughly sanded and then the finish is applied. There are several reasons why prebuilding and prefinishing is the preferred method to build a window unit. The usual method is to remove the existing jam material around the window and piece by piece assemble the new upgraded  unit. This method obviously works but the unit is not as robust as one that is shop built and were all the variables can be controlled. The most important feature to shop building these units is that the finish can be pre-applied prior to installation. No messy and disruptive sanding, and priming and caulking and filling and more priming and sanding and finally a top coat. No paint fumes and no hassle. These handsome prefinished units are installed in a few hours using a few discreet fasteners and the job is finished. There are almost endless possiblities of stain finishes utilizing analine dye stains that are incredibly translucent and organic looking. There is also the choice of using crackle lacquer, vintage shading glazes, gold leafing...and also just good old acylic enamel paint. Please ask to see a physical sample of these window units and more details about the installation process.

These first two photos show a stain grade unit and a paint grade unit...

The two window units pictured were both constructed using poplar wood. Poplar is a stable, well priced wood for this type of construction. Poplar does not accept wiping stains very well as it tends to blotch. The trick is to use a sprayable dye stain that creates a beautifully even and translucent look to the wood. All finishes are applied with automotive type painting systems thus assuring a very smooth  and pleasing look.

The photo below is a 'before' shot of a window opening ready for a GHS custom unit.

...While this homeowner was at work, GHS erected a plastic containment work station around the window while removing the old plaster jam and tile window sill. Once the opening was prepped, the new freshly painted unit was slid into place and the wooden blinds re-installed. This method provides for no hassle, instant gratification for the homeowner. It takes approximately two hours from start to finish to install one of these window units.

The photo below is the same window about two hours later...what a difference!

 This is another photo of a second window wrap in the same home. The addition of the pediment top plate with crown molding and the sill apron visually elongate the heigth of the window and create an important feeling of more verticle space in the room.

Important! Please click on the photos to enlarge them for better viewing...

...Greenwood Home Services would be happy to discuss adding a new look to your windows. Please call 941-321-4356 for any questions or comments that you may have, we love talking about home improvement! Also, look for a future page on this website about GHS inset wall nichos....