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The photo below is of repairs made to some vintage (circa 1926) arch top windows that suffered from water damage and termite infestation. GHS replaced all damaged wood and rebuilt the arch tops with the primary focus being pevention of this kind of damage from happening in the future. There is a difference in doing these kinds of repairs correctly. Incorrect techniques used in high exposure areas will lead to premature failure and loss of any perceived value. Look for a craftsman who knows the difference. Please ask for details!

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...this kind of repair is somewhat labor intensive, but there are no shortcuts in making a repair that will stand the test of time. Do it once, and do it right!

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This photo shows the extensiveness of the damage to the arch tops of these beautiful vintage windows. All damaged material must be removed prior to the fabrication of the new jig cut components.

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...lots of damage, but nothing that cannot be repaired as good as new.

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...all damaged wood stripped away and boarded over for the night. After fabrication and installation of new components, the window will be even better than original!

Vintage Arch Top Window Repairs

You are looking at multiple layers of router-jig cut components to replace damaged pieces. After painting there will be no evidence that repairs were made.

Sample Photo 8 - Click on photo to enlarge

Another photo showing the damage to the wood just under the painted surface!

Sample Photo 9 - Click on photos to enlarge

A view of some of the new wood components looking from the outside. All new components fabricated from rot/insect protected wood and properly installed to prevent water intrusion. All profiles cut to match existing so after paint the appearance will look original and there will be no evidence of repairs.