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A Tile Shower by Greenwood Home Services

This page features photos of a tile shower crafted by GHS. The original shower was improperly constructed and suffered severe water damage to the flooring and lower walls underneath the ceramic tile. The shower was less than 10 years old and was completely exhausted. It is a good idea to do some research when considering building a tile shower to understand the proper steps that must be taken, before the first piece of tile is set, to ensure that your investment will not fail as this shower did. I have personally seen, and read of many more, showers that have failed prematurely and all because of some important, but often overlooked, steps in the early stages of construction. Besure that whomever builds your shower explains to you exactly how they are going to construct your sloped floor, both above and below the waterproof membrane, and exactly how they are going to seal the critic area of the curb and the transition to the curb jams. A properly constructed shower should be a once in a lifetime proposition. Please see photos below.

Sample Photo 1 - Click on photos to enlarge

...Eary stages of shower contruction showing the critical curb/jam waterproofed joint.

Sample Photo 2 - Click on photos to enlarge

...a photo showing the nearly finished shower. The custumer chose to go with a Southwestern motif in the tile selection to compliment the homes theme. Tile sizes and styles, pattern arrangement, decortive accent tiles and other considerations are limitless. Notice the built-in shampoo niche that was trimmed with complimentary Southwest accent tiles.

Sample Photo 3 = Click on photos to enlarge

...a photo showing the cypress exterior trim and crown molding.

Sample Photo 4 - Click on photos to enlarge

...a look at the beautiful natural river stone floor tile and the polished marble sill, both complimenting the mexican tile that already existed in the bathroom.

....Greenwood Home Services can provide you with invaluable reading material for better understanding the critically important features of shower construction. Please feel free to ask for this literature by calling GHS at 941-321-4356.