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This photo page features a bungalow style fireplace surround that GHS fabricated using common poplar and utilizing analine dye stains and glazes to create a very realistic looking vintage cherry hardwood look.

Sample Photo 1 - Click on photos to enlarge

...getting started. Column cleats installed and popler mantel clamped into place

Sample Photo 2 - Click on photos to enlarge

...all poplar components profiled and installed. Beginning to apply the faux multi-colored slate firebox surround. Black slate hearth is set.

Sample Photo 3 - Click on photos to enlarge

...everything now finished except the final faux finish. The use of analine dye stains on poplar creates a very realistic looking faux hardwood appearance because of the clarity of the dye stains. Poplar has a very tight wood grain that lends itself well to faux mahogany, walnut and cherry looks. We also employed a highlighting glaze to give the 'cherry' a vintage aged look and finished with a very durable and organic looking catalyzed lacquer topcoat.

Sample Photo 4 - Click on photos to enlarge

Ready for Christmas Stockings...